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N352 Polyester imide laminate

N352 Polyester imide laminate

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N352 Polyester imide laminate Details

This product is made by electrician alkali-free glass cloth dipped in polyester rubber resin by drying and hot pressing.

Appearance: The surface of the laminate is smooth and smooth, free of air bubbles, impurities and other obvious defects, allowing micro-scratches, the edges should be cut neatly, and the end faces must be free of delamination and cracks.

Color: deep red or custom



1. High mechanical and dielectric properties
2. Good moisture resistance and processability
3. Heat resistance grade is H grade performance



Suitable for insulating structural parts of H-class electrical appliances, such as motor wedges, gaskets and outlet plates, dry transformer shims and terminal blocks.


Technical Parameters:


NO Indicator name   Index
1 Density   1.7-1.9g/cm³
2 Water absorption

≤5mm Thick

≤25mm Thick

Single-sided processing to 22.5mm Thick

≤0.25% mg
5 Bending strength Vertical normal ≥294 Mpa
6 Longitudinal hot state 147(180)Mpa
7 Lateral normal ≥236 Mpa
8 Transverse thermal state ≥118  Mpa
Volume resistivity Normal ≥1×10^6 MΩ·m
Hot state ≥1.0×10^4 MΩ·m
11 Power frequency dielectric loss factor(50HZ) ≤0.03
12  Dielectric strength Normal ≥18 MV/m
90℃ ≥16 MV/m
13 Parallel layer breakdown voltage(90℃ In oil) ≥40 KV


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