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G11 Epoxy board EPGC203

G11 Epoxy board EPGC203

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G11 Epoxy board EPGC203 Details

G11 chlorine chloride plate EPGC203 is also a kind of cyclochloroglass fiber cloth laminate. It is imported by imported electrician with alkali-free glass fiber cloth to import epoxy resin, and added corresponding import inhibitor, adhesive and other additives; A cardboard-like insulation material.

Color: yellow, other colors can be customized

Regular size: 1020 × 2040mm, 1220 × 2040mm, 1220 × 1020mm, special size can be customized



1. High mechanical and dielectric properties
2. Excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy and moisture resistance, heat resistance grade F
3. Excellent machinability The stamping and cutting of the sheet can be processed according to the customer's requirements.
4. High glass transition temperature 146 ° C



Suitable for high performance electronic insulation requirements, such as FPC reinforcement board, PCB drilling pad, glass fiber meson, potentiometer carbon film printing fiberglass board, precision star gear (pick grinding), precision test board, electrical (Electrical) equipment insulation struts, insulation pads, transformer insulation boards, motor insulation parts, grinding gears, electronic switch insulation boards, etc.


Technical Parameters:


NO Indicator name Index
1 Regular working temperature 150℃
2 Vertical layer bending strength (normal) ≥126Mpa
3 Parallel layer impact strong magnesium (simple beam method) ≤27.1KJ/m²
4 Insulated electric rent after immersion(D-24/23) ≥4.5×10²KJ/m²
5 Flexural modulus of elasticity (longitudinal) 2.78×10²Ω
6 Tensile strength (longitudinal) 266Mpa

Vertical layer to the degree of electrical ammonia condensation (In90±5℃ metamorphic soy sauce,

iron speed boost,Φ25mm/Φ75mm cylindrical electrode)

8 Linkage layer to home pressure (In 90±2℃ transformer oil, rapid boost,Φ130mm/Φ130mm plate electrode) >100KV
9 Relative permittivity(50HZ) 4.5
10 Dielectric loss factor(50MHz) 4.4×10
11 Water absorption performance(D-24/23,Plate thickness 3.9mm) 9.5mg


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