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G10 Epoxy board EPGC201

G10 Epoxy board EPGC201

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G10 Epoxy board EPGC201 Details

The G10 epoxy board ,Also known as EPGC201 is also a type of cyclaminated glass cloth laminate. Imported electricians use non-reducing glass or fiber cloth to dip into imported ring-borne tree monitors and add corresponding additives such as imported flame retardant adhesives: hard plate-shaped insulating materials processed by pressing.

Color: yellow, other colors can be customized

Regular size: 1020 × 2040mm, 1220 × 2040mm, 1220x × 1020mm, special bead size can be customized



1. Excellent leak resistance
2. Excellent heat-resistant leaseability
3. Excellent machine processing. You can press and cut the sheet according to the customer's requirements.
4. High glass transition temperature 130 ° C
5. High flatness
6. The energy of the good food can do
7. Environmental protection



It can be used as a part of her wedding structure in electrical machinery and electrical equipment (such as motor stator and two insulation materials, rotor end plate rotor insulation sheet, transmission mold, connecting plate, etc.).
It can be used in lake earthquake environment and pressure regulator oil as well as high voltage switchgear and high voltage switch.


Technical Parameters:


NO Indicator name Index
1 Flame retardancy HB
2 Vertical layer bending strength (normal) ≥340Mpa
3 Vertical layer bending strength(150±2℃) ≥340Mpa
4 Parallel layer impact strength (simple beam method, longitudinal) 66.7KJ/m²
5 Parallel roof impact strength (simple beam method, lateral) 45.3KJ/m²
6 Insulation resistance after immersion(D-24/23) ≥5.0×10²Ω
7 Heavy straight layer electrical strength (In 90±2℃transformer oil, thickness1mm) ≥10.7MV/m
8 Parallel layer breakdown voltage (In 90±2℃ transformer oil) ≥40KV
9 Relative permittivity(1MHz) ≤5.5
10 Dielectric loss angle 3.3*10-2
11 Water absorption(D-24/23,Plate thickness 16mm) 6.5mg
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