What is the insulation grade of 3240 epoxy board


I believe many people are familiar with 3240 epoxy insu […]

I believe many people are familiar with 3240 epoxy insulation board. Many people in 3240 epoxy insulation board want to know the insulation grade of this material, so that it can be used better. The 3240 insulation board is made of glass. Fiber cloth is glued with epoxy resin and heated and compressed.

What is 3240 epoxy board
3240 epoxy board is a board that requires frequent operation of machinery in high-temperature electrical performance. It is very suitable for insulating parts in machinery, electrical appliances and electronic products to play an important role.

The thickness of the common 3240 epoxy board is 0.5-300mm. The name 3240 also has meaning. The international label represents the characteristics of this product. 3 represents pressed products, coiled products, and vacuum pressure dipping products; 2 represents inorganic base laminates; 4 represents temperature index grade of 155 degrees; 0 represents the product variety code. The full name of 3240 in the world is epoxy laminated glass cloth board.

3240 epoxy board characteristics
After the 3240 epoxy board is heated and compressed by the resin, the surface is smooth and without bubbles; the cured epoxy resin has very good mechanical properties, can maintain strength at a certain temperature, and maintain very good electrical insulation.

3240 epoxy board also has very good electrical properties. It is an excellent insulating material with high dielectric properties, surface leakage resistance, and arc resistance.

3240 epoxy board application
Because 3240 epoxy board has many excellent material properties, 3240 epoxy board is very suitable for mechanical, electrical, electronic, electrical and other fields. The processing of very good insulation parts has been processed into various insulation accessories and equipment parts.

The insulation level of 3240 is different because of different materials. The yellow 3240 insulation board that you see belongs to class B, and the insulation class is 130°C. The light cyan 3240 insulation board belongs to class F 155°C.

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