What is epoxy board used for


FR4 board is based on different purposes. Its main tech […]

FR4 board is based on different purposes. Its main technical characteristics and applications: stable electrical insulation, good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, thickness tolerance standards, suitable for products with high-performance electronic insulation requirements, such as FPC reinforcement boards , PCB drilling pad, glass fiber meson, potentiometer carbon film printed glass fiber board, precision star gear (chip grinding), precision test board, electrical (electrical) equipment insulation stay section, insulation backing board, transformer insulation board , Motor insulation, grinding gear, electronic switch insulation board, etc.

1. FR4 board surface color:

Yellow, white, black, blue, etc.

The characteristics of FR4 epoxy resin board: It has higher mechanical properties and dielectric properties, better heat resistance and moisture resistance, and has good machining properties.

FR4 epoxy resin board use: used as insulation structural parts in motors and electrical equipment, including various types of switches, FPC reinforced electrical insulation, carbon film printed circuit boards, computer drilling pads, mold fixtures, and other environmental conditions and used in transformer oil.

Two, fr4 epoxy resin board product application

The main material of FR4 epoxy resin board is imported prepreg, the colors are white, yellow, green, the other high mechanical strength at room temperature 150, good electrical performance in dry and wet state, flame retardant, used for electrical, electronic and other industries insulation The structural parts are carefully manufactured with imported raw materials, domestic presses and standard technology.

Three, fr4 product features

FR4 uses epoxy resin as adhesive and electronic grade glass fiber cloth as a type of substrate. Its sheet and inner core thin copper clad laminate are important substrates for making multilayer printed circuit boards.

FR4 epoxy resin board has higher mechanical properties, dimensional stability, impact resistance and moisture resistance than paper substrates. It has excellent electrical performance, high working temperature, and its performance is less affected by the environment. In terms of processing technology, it has great advantages over other resin glass cloth substrates. This type of product is mainly used for double-sided PCB, and the amount is large. Epoxy resin glass fiber cloth substrate, the most widely used product model is FR-4, which can meet the needs of electronic product mounting technology and PCB technology development, and high FR-4 products appear.

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