What are the factors that affect the resistivity of insulating materials


(1) Temperature. As the temperature increases, its resi […]

(1) Temperature. As the temperature increases, its resistivity decreases exponentially. This is because when the temperature rises, the thermal motion of the molecules intensifies, and the average kinetic energy of the molecules increases, which increases the probability that the kinetic energy of the molecules reaches the activation energy, and the ions easily migrate.

What are the factors that affect the resistivity of insulating materials?

(2) Humidity. The insulation resistance decreases as the humidity increases. The impact on porous materials (such as paper) is particularly significant, and the resistance of the dielectric surface is very sensitive to the impact of surface moisture. For electrical equipment, especially outdoor equipment, regular inspections of the insulation resistance of the equipment can prevent accidents.

(2) Impurities. Impurities increase, resistivity decreases, and the surface is contaminated by impurities and adsorbs moisture. Impurities directly increase conductive ions inside the dielectric. Impurities are particularly easy to mix into polar materials, and they can promote the dissociation of polar molecules.

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