What are the characteristics of insulation board performance


Insulating plates can have different properties because […]

Insulating plates can have different properties because of different materials and additives, which makes insulating plates used in many different fields, because the performance characteristics of different fields are different.

1. Flame retardant insulation board

With the continuous demand of the insulation board market, the flame retardancy of the insulation board has also been more important. In the development of the flame retardant insulation board, we have also continuously improved the ignition resistance of the insulation board. The higher the safety of the insulation board, the better. The performance of the flame-retardant insulation board here is mainly to start from our insulation board material by adding flame retardants in the material and isolating the air, etc., through the flame retardancy of the material to improve the insulation of the entire board.

2. Insulating insulation board

Under the regulations of the insulating board, there is the case that the insulating material is not conductive. In fact, the arc on the surface of our insulating material is not conductive. There are also professional test tools. The infection is carried out through two electrodes to make the surface of the insulating material conductive layer. Longer, the arc of the insulating board is also judged like this. The resistance is also the same. In the same conductivity test, the smaller the conductivity, the better its resistance performance.

3. Tensile strength of insulation board

As a mechanical industrial part, the insulation board must be tested for its tensile strength. For different tensile tests, the selection of the board and the later heating temperature control are the later indicators of the tensile strength of our insulation board. An important parameter.

4. Electric strength of insulating board

This is what we said above to test the arc and insulation of the insulating board. The insulating board will definitely not be infinitely insulated. This is the parameter of breakdown in the insulating board, that is, our electrical strength is to a certain extent. If the breakdown value of the insulating board is exceeded, the higher the breakdown voltage and electrical strength of the insulating board, the better.


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