Precautions for purchasing fiberglass board


Nowadays, there are many fiberglass board manufacturers […]

Nowadays, there are many fiberglass board manufacturers, and the products they produce are all kinds of products, and it is difficult to be assured of quality problems. So what aspects should we pay attention to when buying? Let's take a look at the important parameters to pay attention to with the experts of fiberglass board processing manufacturers:
1. From the appearance: the fiberglass board must be flat and smooth.
2. Thickness: The thickness must be thicker, not too thin
3. The strength of the glass fiber board must be up to the standard, which requires some professional equipment to detect.
4. The flame retardant grade is high enough.
5. The density should be sufficient. The abbreviated content is important to reach the standard.

The fiberglass board can have a good sound insulation effect and has the effect of sound absorption and sound insulation. If you use different density fiberglass black ceilings to be placed on the back of the metal perforated ceiling at the same time, it can improve the sound absorption and extinction function. It appeared immediately. In addition to the above characteristics, there are other advantages: the glass fiber board is made of dry glass fiber, which has high strength; moisture resistance and sag resistance. The indoor temperature is 40% and the relative humidity is below 90%, and the size is stable. Humidity causes the quality of the fiberglass board to decrease; it also has this heat-proof performance and environmental protection performance to achieve the optimal allocation of resources.

Choosing a fiberglass board seems to only need a sound insulation effect, but it also has the properties of heat insulation, environmental protection, high hardness, moisture resistance, etc., for such a fiberglass board can also be competitive in this market, and it can be used by everyone. widely used.

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