Insulation performance of insulating board at different temperatures


Insulation board is a relatively common insulation mate […]

Insulation board is a relatively common insulation material, which is used in many industries because it has very good insulation performance, but we will find that the insulation of our insulation board will be affected by the quality of different materials. It will affect the insulation of the insulation board at different temperatures. What is the insulation performance of the insulation board at different temperatures?

In the insulation board product series, we also have a special classification for different levels of insulation board heat resistance. The insulation board is divided into Y, A, E, B, F, H, C and other levels, which is easy to identify different The insulation board product that should be used at the temperature, if the temperature of the insulation board of this classification is exceeded, the insulation performance of the insulation board is very poor.

Classification of insulating plates can better understand the applicable temperature of this insulating plate, and can better use the insulating plate for a long time. The insulating plate exceeding this stability will be accompanied by rapid temperature aging. Therefore, if you want to ensure the insulation effect of the insulation board, you must pay special attention to the temperature control to avoid the insulation board from being uninsulated due to excessive temperature. If you want the insulation board to have very good performance, you need special attention For the control of the external temperature of the insulating board, too high temperature will greatly hinder the performance of the insulating board, and the external temperature cannot be ignored.

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