How to do a good job of storing insulation boards


In daily production, we must prepare the goods first, a […]

In daily production, we must prepare the goods first, and can’t wait to prepare the goods when they are needed. Then how should our insulation boards be stored after entering the company’s workshop? Because in different environments, they are all right. The performance of our insulation board has an impact, so what should we pay attention to for the storage of the insulation board?

1. Fire prevention. Although there are flame-retardant insulation boards in the insulation board, there are also many insulation boards that are not flame-retardant. We must keep away from fire sources and power sources during storage, which is not flammable. Place explosive materials together.

2. Anti-fading, different insulation board characteristics are professional colors, the place where the insulation board is placed should not be exposed to the sun, because it is easy to fade after a long time exposure, and acid and alkaline cleaning are also avoided. .

3. Anti-mold. If the insulating board is used to prevent mildew, as long as it is placed in a particularly damp place, especially in the south, the factory is on the first floor and there is no light all year round. The inside is dark and damp, easy to mold, which will affect the performance of the product. .

4. Insect prevention. In some factories, because they cook their own food, there are rats, rats and some insects will bite, then this kind of damage will cause the board to be damaged, which also needs attention.

These are some insights from Weibang Composites on how to place the insulating plates we bought back. We recommend that you make a budget and buy in batches. The insulating plates should be ventilated and the humidity is too high. If it does, it will cause the product's insulation to become lower, and it will not work. We should still be careful.

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