fr4 epoxy board is the first strategic resource


In the era of agricultural civilization, if the tension […]

In the era of agricultural civilization, if the tension between land and grassland resources is exhausted, the socio-economic system will collapse. According to archaeological analysis, the process of the disappearance of the ancient Loulan country is the catastrophe of mankind and climate, which caused the exhaustion of resource tension, and the history of civilization in time and space was suddenly interrupted. Therefore, the author believes that it is necessary to put forward the viewpoint of "resource tension constraint" and its paradox. Analyzing the occurrence of resource tension constraints of fr4 epoxy board in historical economic practice and the size of its constraints on the economic system, it can be found that the economic development of an era is mainly restricted by the tension of strategic resources. Because the resource itself is a complex system, the resource system has a strategic resource that determines the economic development of an era. In the era of farming civilization, the area and output of land and pasture and the carrying capacity of livestock were strategic resources at that time. Whoever owns rich fertile soil and lush grasslands will have more wealth. In the era of industrial civilization, coal and steel were the most important strategic resources in the early days. Today, petroleum resources have become the "lifeline" of the world economy; in the era of knowledge economy, the knowledge gained from innovation and its transformation into technological advantages will become economic reality and strength. The key to future core competitiveness. The so-called "resource tension" refers to the sustainability of the supply of strategic resources. Strategic resources in any era are the resources with the widest range of applied economic practices and the strongest support for the main forms of wealth in the era. Therefore, it is also The most consumed resource.

In the era of farming civilization, land and grassland were the most widely used strategic resources, and were the main resources that supported the main wealth at that time, food, clothing and other living products. At that time, land and grassland were the strongest tension and the paradox of economic development. focus. In the era of industrial civilization, important minerals are strategic resources. The varieties have undergone the transformation from iron ore and coal to petroleum resources. These resources used to be the resources that relied on modern technology with the greatest output, that is, the greatest tension, and they are also important for the paradoxical contradictions of modern development. "From the head". In the general sense of fr4 epoxy board, the paradoxical contradiction of resource tension under specific time and space conditions is inevitable. Otherwise, these strategic resources will not be so restrictive and influence on the economy. Of course, the paradoxical contradiction of resource tension is not without "solution." From the historical perspective of human economic practice, it will always break through the constraints of the paradoxical contradiction of resource tension, and make the economic development process appear to be "resolved." Road, willow dark flowers and brighten another village."

This "solution" is to rely on scientific and technological progress to develop new strategic resources, so that the resource base of economic development will change and the "universe shift". In the era of traditional farming civilization, with the increase of population and the overall improvement of living standards, the space area of ​​available land and grassland has been exhausted. Humankind has begun a new era of industrial civilization by relying on scientific and technological progress. Strategic resources are from the ground. The land and grasslands of China have dived into underground resources, opening up unprecedented new space for economic development. When the huge consumption of resources in the industrial society caused a series of resource tension paradox problems, mankind has opened up a new world of economic development by relying on its own innovation. In the past, people who used to be side by side with machines as materialized capital were developed through education. People who have acquired human capital have become the first strategic resource of the "new economy".

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