FR4 epoxy board advantages


FR4 epoxy board is made of curing film. The colors are […]

FR4 epoxy board is made of curing film. The colors are white, yellow, and light cyan. It can still have high mechanical strength at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, and its electrical performance under dry and wet conditions. It is also very flame retardant, and it has a very good market position in the field of electronics industry. The raw materials of FR4 epoxy board are imported from imported materials to ensure the inherent quality of the product itself, and it has been highly praised by users.

Why do epoxy boards have many different characteristics

Epoxy board we commonly have insulation like 3240 insulation board, flame-retardant FR-4 epoxy board, and some have very high rigidity and some have very high toughness. These excellent epoxy boards The characteristics make it an important place in many production and processing. Why can epoxy boards have high mechanical properties such as insulation, flame retardancy, and impact resistance?

In the production of epoxy board, the epoxy board is actually a sheet formed by laminating glass cloth and epoxy resin, and then undergoing a series of processing, such as demoulding and heating, so that it can be quickly formed. Because different companies have different requirements for epoxy boards, we need to add chemicals to the epoxy board resin to make it show different performance. Common additives include curing agents, modifiers, diluents, etc. , Are all added at different levels to play a different role.

The different performance attributes of these additives make the epoxy board show different properties in different states. The different material ratios of the additives allow the epoxy board to cure with different properties at very low viscosity. The board can be cured very well at a temperature of 0-180 degrees.

These additives also have a very good environmental protection effect, which can ensure that the epoxy resin board will not be released due to the shrinkage of water and bad products, and can very well improve the adhesion strength of the epoxy board. Of course, additives are also bad. It depends on the properties of the board we want. According to the properties of the board, different additives are given. The epoxy board added with some special product properties will be toxic. This is the reason why LCP, which has excellent wear resistance and anti-wear properties, is used as an integrated circuit packaging material by adding high fillers to a certain extent instead of epoxy board as the packaging material of the coil frame.

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