3240 epoxy resin board standard


The epoxy resin board is actually the insulating board […]

The epoxy resin board is actually the insulating board or epoxy board we often say. Because of its inherent characteristics, the epoxy resin board needs to be used in many boards. It has very good anti-conductive properties in the field of insulating boards. This is our 3240 epoxy resin board.
3240 epoxy resin board insulation performance

The 3240 epoxy resin board is widely used in power plants, substations and electronic industries, because its general volume resistivity is 102-3 to 102-5. Different production makes its conductivity properties different. , It is mainly produced according to customer requirements, and this kind of sheet has strong tearing force, elongation: 300%, hardness: 65°±5, produced by drum vulcanizing machine, with good smoothness and luster, so it has been marketed Recognition.

The epoxy resin board standard consists of the following aspects

Temperature resistance grade of epoxy resin board: Class B

Epoxy resin board color: natural color (dark yellow, red, green, black and other colors can also be produced according to user needs)

Epoxy resin board characteristics: high mechanical strength at medium temperature, good electrical performance stability under high humidity.

The sample is baked in an oven for 24 hours at the temperature specified by the index. The surface of the sample should not be blistered, and the edge should not have cracks more than 10mm deep.

Thickness of epoxy resin board: 0.5~50mm

Color: yellow, white, aqua, black.

Existing specifications: 0.1mm---80mm

Existing area: 2*1m

Insulation under normal conditions: 1013-14

Heat resistance: 180℃/2hr

At the test temperature, when the sample is subjected to 20000 hours, the total vertical layer bending strength decreases by 50%. This test temperature is the long-term heat resistance index temperature.

3240 epoxy resin board can quickly gain market recognition, but also because of its inherent characteristics, so that it can quickly enter the market, for example, it can add different curing agents and resins to form boards with different properties, and In the process of using different curing agents, it can also very well ensure that it can be cured quickly at 0-180 degrees Celsius.

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